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Wallhanging headed for Japan

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My nephew is going to live in Japan for 2 years. My husband designed this wallhanging and I quilted/embroidered it for him. There are 5 Kanji symbols embroidered on blocks of dupion silk - Peace, Love, Laugh, Happiness, and Strength. All things we want to send with him! The borders have mitered corners, the sections were mostly insets. The floral border has a lotus flower pattern which I outline quilted with gold thread. The dark blue blocks are speckled with gold. It's getting shipped out this weekend.

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A labor of love I'd say.   Do hope you dated and signed the all.  He will surely find them a comfort should he get a longing.


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Very nicely done!  And you've got a great design partner in your DH!

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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Very Elegant! Striking design as well. Bravo, well done! A lot of love from two special people went into the making of this marvelous wall hanging. Cathy

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It's beautiful!  Love the colours.  What a wonderful gift!

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What a lovely heartfelt heirloom, sending the gift of your creative talents and love will surely ease being so far from home and loved ones.  Mary

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What a beautiful, thoughtful gift. You and your husband did a marvelous job. I'm sure your nephew will be overwhelmed.

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Truly a beautiful quilt and the love glows through the Gathering site it is posted on.  Great gift.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist