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Vest quilting advice please

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Newbie quilter here! Making a simple quilted vest. I have cut my fabric, lining and wadding. I am about to put in the shoulder seams in the wadding before matching them all together and starting to quilt. Won't the wadding seams be very bulky? Is there a special kind of seam I should use? Advice please! Many thanks.

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I love quilted clothing. I have cut away the seam allowance of the fill, just ever so slightly over the seam line. When the seam is sewed it catches the fill just enough to keep it from shifting.I have also quilted first and sewn after. It makes for a bulky seam but I have pulled the fill out of the seam area, or have cut one side of the seam allowance down enough to turn the other side over it and stitch by hand. The latter leaves no seams on the front if done by hand.
I have also serged all inside seams if sewn after quilting, especially if it was to be lined.
You can baste the fill to the vest cutting away just enough of the seam allowance to prevent the bulk.

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Thanks for the advice. I was going to make up the garment completely and them quilt as it is supposed to be reversibe. However, those in the know say this is asking for trouble and have convinced me to quilt one side and them line. Probably a better bet for a newbie like me!

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What you can do is cut the batting without the seam allowances, and butt the edges together and sew with a zigzag stitch. I like the look of a completely quilted garment that is then finished with bias binding.