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smowball quilt for beginner quilter

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I am fairly new to quilting although I have been sewing clothes for some time.  Yesterday a local quilt shop had a big sale and I bought 2 packages of fabric (for a queen size) to make what they call a snowball quilt.  I saw the quilt top hanging there and it looked pretty simple however the instructions that came in the bundle of fabric assume the reader knows far more than I do.  Does anyone know what a SEW EASY GUIDE is and how do you permanently attach it to your applique foot.  Apparently this thing is used to make half square triangles.  I did have one class where half square triangles were discussed.  If anyone has any instructions for this snowball quilt or can shed some light on this it would be appreciated.

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This particular pattern has been, for many for many years, accomplished without the aid of any gadget - just fabric, ruler, pencil, scissors, pins, needle and thread.....and then the sewing machine. 

This is the only Easy Sew Guide I could find and it does not attach to an applique foot




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I saw this block a few months ago on (I think) Fons and Porter's quilt program.  I had to go looking for the name of the block.  They were fussy cutting or embroidering the fabric and doing interesting color combinations with the corner triangles.  I am still in the planning stages, but I really want to make something with this pattern too. 

Good luck with your project.