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size of setting and corner triangles

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I am sort of new to quilting and I just learned one valuable lesson: don't follow some cutting instructions!  But my problem is the setting and corner triangles.  I just finished piecing my blocks and they should have ended up 12.5" square but because I cut the fabric like the instructions said to instead of cutting the way I was comfortable with, my pieced squares are about 12.25".  I guess I can live with that although I am mad at myself for using this pattern but, my question is now what side do I cut the setting and corner triangles to?  The instructions for the 12.5" block say to cut 18.25" sqaure for the setting triangles and 9.75" for the corners.  Since my blocks are now smaller than they should be, what size do I cut these blocks to?  I know there is some math involved here but I don't know what it is.  Sorry to run on, I hope this makes sense and someone can help me.



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Blingy, the problem with (post #32566, reply #1 of 2)

Blingy, the problem with cutting squares first and then cutting triangles from them is the math.  You will never end up with the precise size that you need.  That doesn't mean that you should not do it.  Just be aware that it isn't precise and make adjustments.  Just sewing them together can change the size.  Without seeing the block you are working with, it is hard to give exact directions.  I cut my corner triangles larger and then cut them down when the block is finished.  This may also require that I cut the other pieces larger, too.   If you make all your blocks the same, you will end up with a quilt, it will just be smaller than the directions.  Since I design my own, this doesn't bother me.

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After thinking about my (post #32566, reply #2 of 2)

After thinking about my answer, I thought I should add something.  If your seams are not a scant 1/4", that can make a difference, too.  I also assumed that you pressed each seam before you crossed it with another.