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Silk Dupioni Pillows

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I bought two sofas that came with very ugly pillows, so I'm making new ones.  I know about tapering the corners so you don't end up with "dog ears."  That worked out real well.  My next dilemma are the silk dupioni accent pillows.  I'm putting invisible zippers in the pillows, and using the original pillow forms, but should I use that flannel underlining for the silk pillows?  I know it's used on expensive window treatments, but should I use it for the pillows as well?  I looked in all my books and online and couldn't find anything to advise me.  Thanks for any information...Linda

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Absolutely!  The flannel adds a luxurious look to the silk--otherwise it just seems flat.  Actually, I've used a thin fleece under the pillow front for years until I read about the flannel.

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Thank you. I'm putting invisible zippers in the pillows, so I guess I'll treat the silk and the flannel as one....Linda

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I'm about to do exactly the same thing with silk left over from curtains. The curtains are interlined and I think it would be absolutely worth using the interlining in the cushions as well. Yes you'd sew the two pieces as one, but remember to allow for the turn of the fabric or the cushion covers won't lie smoothly when you turn them the right way out.

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I thought about that, but thank you for reminding me....Linda