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I have been asked to make some sheer panels for a restaurant. They will be made out of a material listed as "translucent muslin," It's almost like gauze, but with more body (100% cotton). Customer has decided that these will be dry-cleaned once a year, or so. Will cotton shrink if it's dry-cleaned? Thanks in advance.

It doesn't really take all kinds. It just turned out that way.
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Yes and Yes, it will shrink if washed.  You will have to preshrink it or have a cleaner do it (my preference, because you don't have to press or anything when you get it back).  The cleaner's bill is the customer's responsibility. 

IMPORTANT:  in this state, certain buildings require fireproof fabrics.  It would be a shame to have a big investment in time/money/labor and have the Fire Marshall's inspector say the curtains won't do.  My decorator friend and I have found, for this reason, sometimes it is better to try to duplicate the look in a fabric that meets specs.  This reduces, but not eliminates, shrinkage.  Galey