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scenic wall quilts

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I am new to the free motion way of sewing. I need to know how to do stippling or fill in texturing on an older type zigzag sewing machine.Do you use straight stitch in a short stitch length or a longer basting type length?
I have tryed the longer stitch but have little success.

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You have probably run into difficulties if your machine won't let you drop the feed dogs.

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Some machines either can drop feed dogs or have a plate to prevent feed dogs from catching. You have to use either. Also a short stitch and a hoop to hold the fabric while you are stippling is helpful. Sometimes a larger needle works, but not so large as to make large holes in the fabric

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Also, use a darning foot or some other form of free motion quilting foot. In addition, knock your stitch length to zero. It seems to help with some machines. Your motion will set the stitch length. Also, depending upon your machine and your foot attachment, use the half-way stop on your foot release. And, Donna, your stitches can be short, medium, or long - your choice. The best thing to remember is to keep curves smooth and try to keep your stitches the same length as one another. Also, pick up a book on free motion quilting or take a class from your local quilt shop. Learn from experience and mistakes of others. Maureen Noble put out a great book on decorative threads, which talks about free motion quilting. Good luck.