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Roman shade and Bedskirt instructions???

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Does anybody know where I can find instructions for making roman shades [I want to make a relaxed roman which is basically flat with a droop across the hemline] and bedskirts [I'm thinkin' shirred]? I would like to know how to estimate yardage as well as hem allowances, construction etc. Do they both get lined and if so, with what?

Thanks in advance.

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Go to the local public library and see if they have books on shade making. I know my library has quite a few books on projects for the home.

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When I made my bedskirt, I didn't line it. For the gathers, I used a 2 to 1 ratio, rounding up or down to the next panel length. Just measured the width & length of the mattress, and the distance from top of box spring to floor, etc., for all my dimensions. 1/2 inch hems everywhere. Do not used a fusible as the bottom hem, as gathers will not drape nicely with it. I used an old sheet as the, uh, what do you call it? Liner-thingie? The part which goes inbetween the mattresses. For simplicity's sake, I divided the liner-thingie into 4 parts so I didn't have too brutal of a time evening up the gathers and sewing them to it.

Good luck.

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Theresa        Cowtown information junkie...