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reupholstering a desk chair

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I need to reupholster my desk chair at work and would like to use a black and white toile.  It has an upholstered back and seat, with arm rests and a wheeled base.  Any advice or ideas?

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Some chairs are built so that upholstering is impossible, or next to impossible. I have upholstered a lot of items and for chairs the first consideration is that the process is so much easier if the chair can be taken apart easily......and easily reassembled as well!

If your chair is like the traditional office chair you could consider sewing a padded cover that would slip over the seat and back - maybe in two sections?

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I agree with Starzoe; if the chair can be disassembled and re-assembled, you'll have a much easier time of it.  Otherwise, slipcovers that can be buttoned or zipped on and off are much easier and often look better. 

The black and white toile would be nice on the back of the chair, but the seat and armrests get so much wear that it might be better to use a solid black on those parts or make an additional slip-on layer of the same fabric that can be laundered frequently. 

Be sure to use upholstery/decorator fabric rather than garment-weight fabric and consider spraying with stain resist for an extra layer of protection.

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I have a desk chair that cannot be taken apart.  For the seat I made a large "circle" with elastic all around so that it slips over the seat like a shower cap--works great.  For the oval-like seat back that moves (I thinak called a secretary chair) I made a rectangular slip cover.  I measured how big around it needed to be (back is curved & allowed for that) & how long it needed to be to cover from the top of the seat back to one inch below the back, added seam allowances.  I squared it up at the top like you would for a Tote Bag bottom.   It works great too--just slips down over the back.  One thing I did do was double thickness on the top part of the back cover as one previously had worn there from use.