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Quilt stands

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Making a quilt stand that holds 16" hoop for my mommie (80 YO) for Chistmas.
This is the type that holds the hoop in front of you as you sit and work.
She probably spends 5 hours a day quilting.

Any suggestions on pitfalls with this type stand that I should keep in mind when building, or experiences good or bad??


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Make sure that however you stain or finish the wood, it's not something that can come off and stain the fabric, which will be under pressure in contact with it for long periods of time.

Look at the chair she usually works in and make sure that the legs of the chair and the foot of the stand cooperate.

On wheels, for ease of getting it up to your chair to work on it?

I bought a commercially produced one several years ago that my husband finished for me. The assembly for holding the hoop made sure to leave plenty of clearance for my hands to work from the underneath.

Make sure that any hardware for adjusting height, tension, etc., is friendly for senior hands.

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Here's a picture of the finished product, thanks for the advice.

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And one more. Mom liked it and is using the stand.

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Art, thanks for the pix! The quilt stand looks great, but your model doesn't look 80....

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The "model" is great-grand-daughter Sarah, who helped make the stand. Obviously, it'll be hers someday.