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Quilt edge Help & Advice needed

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I am a novice quilter am in the process of hand quilting my first full size quilt. I have decided that because the design will not be improved by the addition of a border I would like to quilt up to the edge and finish the sides as if they had been seamed.
I am approaching the edges and only now wondering how I am going to undertake this. Anyone got any ideas how I should approach trimming the batting and the back to the correct quarter inch and complete sewing the edges successfully ...
I do hope so


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Quilt edge Frances, I would bind your edge using a 2.25" strip of fabric folded and ironed in half for what is known a a double binding. It's done this way to give better wear. It would be difficult to explain how to miter the corners, but perhaps Threads has an archived article showing you how. There are plenty of introductory quilt books avail. that will have the information. It will look and wear better than your seaming idea. Lynn

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I am teaching myself to quilt and there is a "quick turn" you can do. It sounds like what you are asking for.
The directions for same are at:

I know this reply is late, but perhaps someone else can use this information.
I think I may use it myself as I am reading more and more comments on how hard it is to put the binding, edge border on without waves, on some quilts.

Peace and good luck.

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Dear Francis
Although you prob have finished you first quilt by now(congrats),
May I offer this?
sew the binding to the quilt BEEFORE you trim away the batting and backing.
C Eichner