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Miss Monroe's four patch

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DH very kindly brought me a kit for a Miss Monroe's Four Patch quilt from Minick and Simpson when he was in the States, but the supply list doesn't seem to match the fabric in the pack. '3 fat quarters' makes sense to me, but other specs are 'six 1/3 yards' or 'three 3/4 yards'. I take it those bits should be full fabric widths, but there aren't any full width pieces, and none as long as 1/3 or 3/4 yard. Most pieces are fat quarters, but the specs refer to other measurements. Can anyone help? I've not done one of these kits before and really want to make it up. There are so many directions that I hardly know how to work out whether I have enough fabric out of the various pieces I've been given.

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Is it possible that you are supposed to supply additional fabric to go with what was in the kit?

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I do know that I need to supply the backing fabric, but I think the kit should have all I need for the front. I wonder if I add up the bits that are there, will they add up to the required amounts. I'll have to check that out.