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mega quilter and frame

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mega quilter and frame (post #33026)

I recently purchased a mega quilter and next generation frame. I need instructions on how the machine goes on carriage and tension settings, I bought this from a friend. can anyone give me some insight?

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Mega Quilter and Frame (post #33026, reply #1 of 1)


I am sorry but I just got on this site after quite a long absence. If you still need help there is help on the Viking website. Just go to the FAQS regarding the Mega Quilter. It really is quite easy but first you need to make sure that the frame and all is level. Use a long ( at least 3 ft ) carpenters level and check in all directions and at all areas of the frame. Then it is time to put the machine on and get the tension corrected. But the Viking site should get you started. Just let me know if you need additional help.