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looking for a copy of Fons and Porter March/April 2008

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Just a few weeks ago they started broadcasting Fons and Porter quilting on PBS.  They showed a kalidescope quilt called "Shadow Play".  I went to their website but that issue of the magazine is no longer available.  Does anyone here have the March/April issue of Fons and Porter magazine with the pattern in it for the "Shadow Play" quilt?  Please contact me if you have it.

Also, I used to get e-mail notifications to my posts here but now I don't.  Anyone know why?



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Happy middle-of-May, (post #32611, reply #1 of 1)

Happy middle-of-May, Blingy!

I hope you've been able to locate a copy of F&P's pattern, since last you posted. Maybe an EBay search, they're always adding new items?

My DH and I love to watch F&P - when we can find them! He calls it "Frick and Frack", because they are always having such a good time - he doesn't care about the quilting part a-tall, but enjoys the by-play. LOL


I believe you weren't getting email notifications because initially, the default setting was to "not" send them, you had to check it yourself; or the option may not have even shown up last time you wrote. This has now been changed to something like default: Send Notice of responses. This place is definitely a "work in progress" - I hope you do get notice of this, and check in again!

Bright Blessings ~ Kharmin