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High loft batting

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I'm making a king comforter of a pretty heavy weight fabric, I use a flat king sheet for bottom layer, but what weight batting would you use thats light , yet loftty ?We want some pouf without adding a ton of weight, any advise . It's going to be 111'' wide x 116'' long and I'm figuring on hand basting the batting strips together since it doesn't come that size. should I use a couple layers  for loft ? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks susan

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If you are looking for warmth as well as the poof and light weight I would go with a wool batting, they are very light, warm and fluffy.

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thanks for answering, but I've never seen wool batting, where would I find it ? I've only seen poly or cotton .

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Also I'm in Florida , so the loft is for show not warmth, Its so fancy ,I'm sure it will be pulled off at night !

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Hobbs Heirloom wool quilt batts. Do a search for it, Hancocks has them

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I have just received a double size extremely fluffy alpaca batting and have no idea how to keep it from sticking everywhere. Can some sage please advise how to handle this material?