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I saw this demo'ed at a show recently. Is anyone using one in real life?

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Santa gave me one for Christmas. I really like it.
The only draw back is that the area between the needle of your machine and the motor part is not big enough. I am solving that problem by getting a quilting machine from Wow Quilts. Its around $900.
But I will have a really nice set up and it didn't cost me $10,000. I am not planning on doing machine quilting for other people. This is just for myself.
Even without the bigger machine, I finished quilting 2 quilts by the second week in Jan. If I were doing that by hand I would not have even started quilting yet. It is easy enough to do. My 11 year grandson used it. It takes a little practice to get your stitches even. But then it takes the same practice when you do machine quilting by machine without the frame. Hope this answered your question.