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Free motion quilting on Viking Designer SE

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I have a Viking Designer SE and have been having lots of trouble doing free motion quilting.  The upper thread keeps breaking and shredding.  Could anybody give me some suggestions on the best thread (size, etc) to use for upper and bobbin and also thread tension and needle type?  Please Help!!!

Thank you....

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Free Motion (post #34776, reply #1 of 1)

You probably figured this out by now but forget using the free motion setting.  I have a Designer1 and I too had all sorts of problems with free motion,  I asked at the Viking Center where I bought it and I was told to NOT use the free motion setting, just drop the feeddogs and go that way.  Glad I paid so much for features that just don't work, like the thread cutter.  It cuts but if you don't bring the bobbin thread up before sewing again it will jam.