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Curtains & buckram

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Hello eyeryone

I am a new member with a question.

I have done alot of sewing but have never made pleated curtains. One of my customers wants roll pleated curtains made for a med. sized window out of silk dupioni. I am in Vancouver Canada and can't seem to find buckram to stablize the top. Will a tailors hair canvas work just as well? Any recomedations? Should I underline? The customer wants regular drapery lining, instead of my recommened blackout linning to prevent sunlight damage. However the window is in front of a tree and faces north so it gets little sun light.

Thanks for any help anyone can offer.



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I noticed that no one had written back about your silk curtains.

Silk is sun sensitive. I really think that silk is the wrong material to use for this project. The drapes will not last at all.

Maybe you can locate a synthetic dupioni like product that will hold up better.

As far as the horsehair braid goes, You could use it maybe, but cover it with some cotton and starch it good.

Those are just my thoughts.

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House and Garden magazine has a "curtains" issue this month - not so much on how to make, but great ideas on what to make.