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ADvice on a new machine

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I am looking to buy a new machine for my home dec sewing. I'd like to get more advanced doing slipcovers, pillows, and even try quilting. I have a serger and have no interest in embroidery. Can you recommend a good machine that does great buttonholes, welting and zippers??

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I just finished a sofa/futon cushion cover in a light weight upholstery with matching pillows. I just have a differential feed Pfaff. It worked pretty well after I adjusted the tension for the 50 weight upholstery thread. I piped the edges and had quite a thickness sometimes and the machine handled it all very well.

It is a home model, though. I could never go into business doing home dec with this machine. I'd think you'd have to look at industrial machines for more upholstery workouts than just a once in a while thing.