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This week feature with Surface Design Association

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Beautiful work! (post #33631, reply #1 of 7)

Thanks so much for sharing this with us.  The work shown in the article is just gorgeous.  Years ago I did a little weaving, but I'm not familiar with tablet weaving.  Is there somewhere online I might see what the process is?  I can't imagine how the strips are incorporated into larger woven pieces.  Thank you.


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Tablet Weaving How-To's ~ (post #33631, reply #3 of 7)

Hey, Joan!

Here's a pretty good selection of info on tablet weaving (also called 'card weaving'):

It's a Google results page - the top results all give a good overview of how it's done and what you do with it *then*.

I've seen some gorgeous work used as a simple belt, or as trim (surface applied), or as 'insert' work, just like lace. Don't know how one would "add it into" larger weaving, except by (probably hand-)stitching the edges together ...

Bright Blessings!  Kharmin

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Tablet Weaving (post #33631, reply #5 of 7)

Hi back, KharminJ.  Thanks for your reply to my question.  I guess the original poster in this topic hasn't revisited the site.  

I had also Googled tablet weaving, and am a little familiar with card weaving, but hadn't heard it called "tablet" weaving before.  Somewhere in my web-surfing, though, I saw a photo which seemed to show card-weaving being done on a larger loom, and being incorporated somehow into a wider piece of woven cloth.  From the photo I couldn't tell how that could be done.  Wish I could remember now, where I saw that photo, but alas, that's what often happens to me when I browse around aimlessly on a googled topic.  :>) 

I also think the belts and bands woven with bright colors, are gorgeous, and saw some almost incredible examples when I searched using "Guatemalan weaving".


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OOh!OOh!OOh! I just got a (post #33631, reply #6 of 7)


I just got a 'flash ' on how to add card weaving directly into regular weaving!! ~ Lessee if I can make this read to match the picture in my head (Patience, please - the only thing I've ever woven is pot-holders, in Brownies!):

As one is warping the loom, you'd add the cards - threaded for your pattern - into the warp where you want the pattern to be in the finished fabric. Then, after every throw of the shuttle, turn the cards as required for the next row.

TahDah! (not-so-)instant 'border fabric'!                                                                                                                Or even striped fabric, if you're incredibly ambitious, and very very good at keeping track of where you're at in a pattern! (me? notsomuch!) ;~)





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Ooh, ooh, ooh (post #33631, reply #7 of 7)

Yes, that sounds right to me.  Good thinking...


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Wonderful talent - congratulations (post #33631, reply #2 of 7)

Your work is fabulous.  I love the jacket fabric particularly.  While I have never had any interest in pursuing weaving I do love hand woven fabrics. Thank you for sharing with us. And best wishes for your future endeavors. Boy, I sure hope this message will be spell checked! I just have never moved well into this new format.

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This weeks' feature with Surface Design Association (post #33631, reply #4 of 7)

Absolutely gorgeous!  Bravo!

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.