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photo's will not post

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HELP I cannot get my photo's to post and cherry pops explained it very well I posted photo's before but it's just not working can any one help thank you

Happy sewing GOD BLESS to all we learn something new here every day          Dionna         

Happy sewing GOD BLESS to all we learn something new here every day          Dionna         

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When you are thru writing the text in your post scroll down and click on the blue rectangle that says "attach files". This will bring up another window. When that other window comes up click on browse. This will bring up, at least for me, the most recent photos I have uploaded. Is this where you have trouble? If you don't see your photo, go up in that window and click on the arrow. You will get a drop down file. Click on "my pictures" if you see it. If you don't see that click on My Documents, when that opens click on My Pictures. Now hit the Open button in the lower right corner of this smaller window. You will see all your picture files come up. Doubleclick on the one that contains the pic you want to show. It will come up. When you see the pic you want to post, doubleclick on it and it's file name will come up in the white rectangle. Click on upload. Go thru this process for as many pics as you want to post. When you have uploaded all the pics, click on done. Hope this helps.

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I know this is an old post, but I'm hoping you can instruct me how to make the photos smaller when I post them?  Help!  Your instructions are always so clear and concise. Mary