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No-rake fall leaves for FL cousin

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No-rake fall leaves for FL cousin (post #34011)

I did these towels for a cousin who lives in Florida.  She grew up in MN and said how she misses the prettiness of fall.  Remembering the designs I bought recently from EL, I  got the idea.............she can enjoy the leaves without the rake!! ha ha


Thanks for looking!


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Hi I love the colours! (post #34011, reply #1 of 2)


I love the colours! Applique? What fabric did you use?

I was looking at a vintage crochet book with patterns for crochet trim towels a few days ago and marvelling at how women made their homes beautiful with their needlework skills rather than just money.Think of all those wonderful embroidered tablecloths, too.

Think I might try decorating some towels myself...............maybe try some fun designs on the kids swimming towels

Thanks for sharing the photos


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comment on fall leaves (post #34011, reply #2 of 2)

Thanks for the kind words.  That is machine embroidery done on kitchen towels purchased from my local Sam's Club.  They wash up so beautifully.  The designs are just beautiful.....the photo does not do them justice at all!

Thanks for looking.