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Men's Button-down Shirt

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In 15 years, this is the first thing I've ever made for my DH.  How bad is that????

Anyhow, he loves his new shirt, and I've found a great pattern for all the men in my life.  Father in Law, Husband, Son... this one will cover them all!  It includes long sleeves, but hubby asked for short sleeves, so he could wear it sooner.  So sweet...

Simplicity 7030, if you're interested!

Front View

Back View

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Good Job!!!!! Looks nice.

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You did a great job, and it looks really smart. My DH said that he likes the look of it too, and now wants one. What have you started? Cathy

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You are into it now.  36 years ago I made a shirt for my then boyfriend.  I am still making his shirts because he doesn't like ready made.  Mine fit better.  Also made them for my two sons.  They are both married but would still like for me to make them shirts.  My mother made my dad's shirts for 50+ years because she could put two pockets on for him.  He is lefthanded and the usual pocket was unhandy to use.  She can't sew any more so now I have his pattern and will make him some. 

Main problem is the availability of fabric.  As always.

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Hi Cafms

I dont know where you live but I was in Berlin last week and saw the most glorious array of shirting for only 4 euro per yard. I'm not into shirt making but I would almost start just to be handling that fabric!!! Wish I could find Bridal Lace as easily.

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Thanks for the note.  I wish I could look at it but I'm in the U.S. in Mississippi so it would be a little out of the way.   I bet it is really nice.

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The shirt looks great and your husband seems quite relaxed in front of the camera! What is the fabric?  It looks like a nice weave.


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A cotton shirting from the Bargain Shelf at JoAnn's.  It is khaki with the smallest black thread running through it.  $3 or $4 per yard, a really great find!

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Funny I should read your reply tonight after stopping by Joann's to pick up a couple of 3.99 Vogue patterns.  A browse through the discount fabric netted me a nice piece of royal blue with a white stripe shirting for $2 per yard.  A steal!!! Plan to use it with McCall's 2447 (at $1.99) for a great bargain dress shirt with French cuffs for my husband.  I am planning on surprising him since he says I never make him anything. 


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Go for it, and keep me posted!  I have to stay away from those pattern sales for awhile.  I know I have too many when it's time to sew, and it takes me an hour just to decide which one I should make first!  Can't beat the prices, though... 

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You've done a wonderful job. I make shirts for my husband a few times a year and he's always so appreciative. Your husband looks thrilled to be wearing your creation. I have a feeling it's going to be one of his favorites.


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Wow!  That is a sharp looking shirt.  And he looks like he enjoys wearing it, too.  You did a really great job, the collar and pocket details are just perfect.  Thanks for sharing the photos (and pattern number) with us.

I've made my husband several pairs of boxer shorts and a chef's jacket, but have never attempted a shirt.  The jacket was part of a Halloween costume, but he loves wearing it when he cooks.  Loves it so much that he's almost worn it out, and is hinting that he needs a new one.




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WOW! I am so impressed with the fine job you did on that shirt. Everything from the fabric choice to the pattern to the fit is absolutely perfect.

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Wow, now if I ever get to sew like that, my husband would never buy another shirt and he would stap me to my sewing machine. I am new to sewing and have taught myself what I do know, but would love to make clothes just like that shirt. I am going to try that pattern. I would send a pic if  I had a camera, but sadly I don't and wouldn't know how to work it if I did. Anyway, you did a very good job. Looks store bought.

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Thanks to everyone for all the compliments, it was one of those projects I kept putting off because I'd never done it before! It truly was very simple, the key to any great product is...

1. Go slow!

2. Trim and press seam allowances as you go!

3. Take hints from RTW to look RTW (pocket topstitching).

Don't be afraid to try something new, great results (or a great learning experience) are waiting to be had!


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Awesome sewing.  Great shirt.  That smile on his face tells it all.  giggle!

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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Very excellent work!  I love it!

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You have done a great job (post #31156, reply #17 of 17)

You have done a great job dude. I really like this men’s button down shirt. Keep up the good work. I think fabric is the most important part of the shirt. So please work on that.


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