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A man's shirt?

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A man's shirt? (post #31090)

Just to let you know that men can sew (show?). The shirt is about a year old and used an SM and serger in the process.


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Awesome shirt, Dennis. Love to look at what other people have been sewing.

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Good job!
Looks comfortable.

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Nice shirt, Dennis!  Camp shirts are so comfortable.




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looks great love the shirt

Happy sewing GOD BLESS to all we learn something new here every day          Dionna         

Happy sewing GOD BLESS to all we learn something new here every day          Dionna         

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Great job! Thanks for sharing, Dennis. Yes, men definitely can sew. Who are our traditional tailors? My grandsons are both fascinated by my machines and all the "tools" I have in my studio. Hopefully I can instill in them this passion.

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I believe in the movie, Fiddler on the Roof, one of the male characters is a tailor. All the women can sew for themselves, but there has to be a man who does the men. I tell others that when asked about my hobby.


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Hi Dennis,

congratulations it's nice to see a man interested in sewing. Now I have a question what is a camp shirt?



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In my case, a regular shirt made with a camping themed print such as tents, fire, moose, bows & arrows, trees, out in the wilderness, etc. and in earth tones.


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You really made that shirt.  It was great!

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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Very nice shirt. My dad taught me how to hand sew. Dad had become disabled by the time  I first started sewing with a machine, but he helped me choose patterns and fabrics, and to improve my fitting skills. He came from a long line of carpenters and knew how to measure and construct just about anything.

 My mom has a great sense of style, but only passed home-ec because her grandma, a very good seamstress, did her homework.

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Yes! nice shirt!