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Knit godet skirts from recent Threads magazine

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Knit godet skirts from recent Threads magazine (post #33191)

Daughter loved the skirt in the magazine with the rectangular godets, so we plunged in and did it---successfully.  We made it fit more like a pencil skirt....neither of us liked the baggy fit.  They are comfortable, easy dressing for her job that takes her on the road a lot.  The ivory knit was easy to work with; the stripes--not so much.  They were a soft, wiggly knit and matching the stripes was a headache. That being said, I'm not sorry I did it, because she absolutely loves both skirts.  Looking for more knits to do....maybe a floral before summer is gone?

It was my first time using a twin needle on a regular machine.  I've been sewing since 1965 and never used one before.  It worked out very well for all these straight hems.

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Cute skirts.  And the striped (post #33191, reply #1 of 1)

Cute skirts.  And the striped skirt was worth all the headaches in matching all those stripes.  I got eyestrain just looking at the picture.  I love my twin needles.  They are not just for hems.  They can be used for pin tucks and multiple rows of top stitching.   They can mimic the cover stitch of a serger.  Overlock the edge, turn up, and use a double needle to topstitch.