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Jaylyn's outfit

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Jaylyn's outfit (post #31215)

My nephew Josh's new baby Jaylyn was an excuse for me to sew something small and cute.


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Oh--my--goodness! Those are the cutest things ever. What fun! I bet mommy will be tickled to get those.

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Thank you. They were sure fun to make. The crown of the hat was a snap on the serger.

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love it!! i just love baby sets!!
you did a wonderfull job

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Thank you. It's just so much fun to sew the little things. They're quick and they go on such good-looking kids.

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Precious!  My next door neighbor (Grace) was out today in the cutest little sun suit (today was Mother's Day and she was headed to Grandmama's).  She's almost two and her outfit was similar to this one, except it was black and white checked.  I like your version-- the sunny yellow color just looks happy!

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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Pink isn't kind to all little girls, and I had this terrific piece of gingham . . .

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That is such a sunny and happy outfit. You did a super job! It must be fun to sew for a little one, I miss doing that... Cathy

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Thank you. I had six sibs who all had four kids who are now having kids, so there are plenty of opportunities. It's sure fun to make things for each of them.

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Applause!  Applause!!  Applause!!!     On your choice of patterns, fabric, & your workmanship.  Gingham and white, along with style of the all are grand.

Your display method presented the all at their best.

I have to admit to being prejudiced to use this fabric for toddler girls.  Boys shirts as well.


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Just sweetly adorable.

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The baby will be so comfy and pretty in her yellow gingham outfit!  Your work looks excellent,  I'm sure the family with be thrilled with this special gift from your heart and hands. 

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Thank you, Mary. It was really more fun than anything. Sewing for kids is such a delight.