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Itty Bitty Toddler Dress for DGD

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Hi!  I found this toddler pattern on another forum.  I had fabric that seemed perfect and a DGD that wears the correct size......sooooo, I had to try it.  It turned out better than I I hope she likes it!  the fabric is last years' plisse coodinates from Hancock Fabric.

Thanks for looking


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Thanks!  I'm sure she will 'show her shorts' on more than one occasion......she hasn't learned 'lady-like' yet.........she's just three!



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Ah yes Memory Lane here.  Mother made me "bloomers" for my dresses way back when.  Read early 1930's.  I have flash back memories of dresses hanging on the clothes line with the "bloomers" along side. 

My GD's wore bycicle shorts when they began to wear dresses.  The one's you stitched will surely do double duty.

A thought on your grand's disinterest in modeling.  Maybe just leaving future fashions for her to "find" w/o any comment as to trying on might catch her eye and she'll try it on her own.  If it's "her" idea, might she be more enthusisatic?

Sometimes coming in the back door, or through a slightly opened window helps us get the behavior, desired or necessary, from our loved ones.  Children & adults. 



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Yes, they often have to think its their own thought.........fully agree on that!  With Taylor, I'm not sure.........she'll wear it proudly but just doesn't like the fuss when she's here.  A shy little least at this stage.



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So cute! And the shorts are a wonderful addition. I think the blue is a perfect choice to blend with the dress fabric. You did a great job. Would anyone else who attended the wedding have gotten a picture? You should have a photo of your granddaughter in this darling outfit.

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I'm not sure anyone did.  The professional pictures show two of DGD but in a distance only.  By the time they arrived, my camera was tucked safely away.


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Oh so adorable!  They look great together and the knit will be more comfortable.  Sounds like she feels really special in her outfit made with your love and such pretty fabric.  I love that pattern too!  Mary

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That is just adorable. I love it. If you have some fabric left you might want to make bloomers/underpants. When my daughter was very young I would always do that because she spent a lot of time with her rear in the air or upsidedown, etc. With the matching panties it didn't look like her underwear was showing and much of the time since it was all the same fabric/color it just looked like her skirt. I used the same bottom part of a sunsuit pattern for about 3 years. Although she grew taller she didn't get much bigger around.

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I had already given that some thought.  I decided to wait and see how long it is and if mom wants me to do that.  It could be that Miss Taylor is becoming more of a lady.......she's a 3 now and a 'big girl'.....:)  I have saved the scraps though......not sure if there is enough but it would be close.  Even a pair of shorts would work......'s nice to know my thoughts aren't out in left field!


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Could you give us the forum name.  That is one sweet dress.

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It is Sew Forum( sponsored by AllBrands........and the link to the pattern is:  and it's the little blue dress on the right side.  Called the itty Bitty Toddler dress.  The pattern is for a size 3 and its can download it




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Soooooooo cute!  And love the colors.  DGD is very lucky to have you!

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As allways, I love your fabric combinations!  This pattern is darling too.  Another darling outfit for one of your darling grands!  Mary

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Thanks, Mary!  How are you doing?  Haven't heard from you for a while.  We're enjoying cooler than normal temps and mostly low humidity which is great in my book!  The downside is that we're too dry.  We have now had a few showers....not nearly enough.

Wedding in 3 weeks........DD getting married ........things are getting done.  Formal but not huge.........then a week of DGS while mom goes on honeymoon.  After that fall busy season starts for DD's business.  Did someone say I was retired???????  ha ha  Sure doesn't feel that way at times!

Take care...........Kay

P.S. - Pattern for the itty Bitty dress was on Sew Forum........ so easy and quick to make, too.


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I don't think I've ever seen Colorado this green.  We must be getting all the humidity that usually goes up North.  These weather changes are just plain bizarre.  We've barely had to water so I appreciate the lower water bill for once!

I haven't been able to accomplish much in the sewing room.  It's all reorganized and I have fabric washed, pressed, laid out on the cutting table, and ready to go.  Several quilting projects patiently awaiting my attention too. 

What are you wearing to your daughter's wedding?  How exciting to hear of young love and the promises of a bright future.  You and your daughter both seem to have alot of motivation and energy, I hope her business will continue to grow and thrive and that she and her new husband will have many years of wedded bliss.  Blessings to you and yours.  Mary

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Thanks for the wishes of happiness.  DD is working so hard right now to get everything to come together and her fiance's business is busy and so is hers........lots of things going on.

I am wearing a sleevess black knit dress.  It has an empire waist and softly gathered bodice (to accomodate the 'girls').....her colors and white and black.  It isn't the formal dress I hoped to find but the only thing that really fit and looked decent.  Cheap, too!  Found it at Marshall's! ha ha

I've been sewing.....most for DD's business but did manage the Itty Bitty dress......

Time goes by so fast.........days seem so short.....must be an age thing! 

Our weather has been different too.  We've been cooler than normal (which is fine by me!) and very dry.  Lately we've had several overnight showers which help but we're still way behind in the moisture department.

Must run.........just delivered quilts to the Sal. Army and now I'm off to my sweatshop!

Have a great day!


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Adorable. I love your fabric combination.

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Thank You!

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Oh that is so very pretty.  I love the colors.  So girly!

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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Thanks!  DGD wore the dress to DD's recent fits perfectly and she was dancing and twirling in it.  I think that meant she likes it!! ha ha  Of course, I didn't get any pictures of her! :(



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