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hat for parade

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hat for parade (post #31214)

i decided to make the hat out of fake leather as i had a piece to try out, i like how it came out.
see for your self.
now i just need to make 11 more!
thanks for all the input

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That looks great, good luck with the rest.  This fabric should last a long time.  Good choice, it will also be good if it rains.....giggle.  Great hat.

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the other hat i had in mind to sew was a like a fur english soldier hat - lucky i ditched that idea. would have worked well for snow- ha ha! tha boys would have hated me for ever (the weather here is hot!!)

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Oooh yea, hot hot hot.  No fur please.  giggle.  You did a wonderful job with that hat.

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WoW! That is one Smart looking hat! Nice job on it. I think it is perfect for the purpose, and should last for a long time. :) Cathy

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thank you for your kind words- it better last for years to come

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Raya, superb job!

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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Very nice! And I imagine the boys will enjoy wearing them, too!

I didn't even think of leather, real or faux ~ glad you found something that does what it needs to do, so well!


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A truly well completed project!   Having a piece to try out helped it all to fall into place.  Was the choice pleather or something else?

Thank you for posting your results.  Sometimes this gets missed.

If I'm remembering correctly, you mentioned other having been damaged in storing.  Any chance those you make can be stuffed with acid free tissue and propped in such a way to keep the bill properly shaped?   To reduce collecting dust,  maybe each could be covered in a white cotton bag of sorts.  


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Fantastic!  Very PROfessional looking work!  That's the perfect fabric too!  Wahoo!  Don't you love it when things come together so well?  Mary

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thank you. ya it realy worked out well and wasn't too hard even though i made 12.

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They will be marching proudly in those fantastic hats!  Thanks for sharing the photo and your adventure in creating them!  Mary

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What a great hat; twelve of them would make quite a sight! Thanks for posting results--you inspire us to finish some of our projects...