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cocktail dress

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cocktail dress (post #31229)

I've attached a picuture of my daughter in a cocktail dress that I made for the openning number of a pageant. Dress was made without a pattern. It is boned to stay up and has a crinoline attached to the skirt for fullness. The white and black material is a taffeta with black flocking

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That is absolutely beautiful.  Nice job!



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The dress AND your daughter are beautiful.  You are very talented sewer and without a pattern I would say a designer too. 

Heather in Calgary

Heather in Calgary
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Thank you. By the way my daughter's name is also Heather.

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Heather is gorgeous.  And her mommy is talented!

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

Greet each day with Joy.  Embrace your blessings.

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This is a lovely dress on a very beautiful daughter!

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Bravo! and so well done! Pat yourself on the back, you deserve it for such a lovely dress. Double, for the lovely daughter too! Thank you for sharing your special creation with us. Cathy

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Beautiful design!  No pattern, well how did you draft the design, what process did you go through?  It would be fascinating to me to hear how you did it.  You are a true creative genius.

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

Rodezzy, Fiber Artist

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very nice, I love the black and white. Always have.

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Beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

Deana Tierney, Editor

Deana Tierney May, Editor

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Oooh I love it!  Such a pretty young lady too!

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You totally rock!!  I want to sew like you when I grow up!

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Thank you. With a name like Marie Curie are you sure you don't want to go into biomedical research!?

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Wow!  A beautiful girl in a beautiful dress.  They are both gorgeous!  You did a super job!  Be proud!

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Wow! I'm in awe that you created this without a pattern. This is a gorgeous dress, and your daughter models it beautifully!




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I see dresses like that I figure I should go and sell my machine. I am humbled before your greatness! What a terrific job you did and your daughter is gorgeous also!

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We all want to know - did she win?? In a dress like that, we hope so!

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Unfortunately, she only got evening gown this year and she aged out of the pageant system.
She is pleased that in the past she has been a semi-finalist in the Miss USA pagenat and a local winner for the Miss America. Right now she is in optometry school about to go out on her externships. I have been asked to design and make a dress as part of the prize package for a local Miss America pageant which excites me.
Thanks for all your support

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Aged out? There must be a way around it, cause they must go on forever. Perhaps your daughter will marry one day and join the Mrs. pageant group. Your talent became part of the prize package? Congratulations! That is an honor to be excited about, especially if money is no object!

I thought I'd like to do pageant dresses, and at one point I wanted my daughter to be involved, but she wanted no part of it, so life went in another direction.

Well, keep us posted. K?

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I know i'm late but this (post #31229, reply #21 of 31)

I know i'm late but this dress is lovely great job

Happy sewing GOD BLESS to all we learn something new here every day          Dionna         

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dress (post #31229, reply #22 of 31)

Love Black and white, the dress is wonderful, Hope she wins , you did a great job without a pattern you are a artist

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nice dress (post #31229, reply #23 of 31)

That was totally one beautiful dress. It  really fits your daughter gorgeously.

I like to color combination and the design...

Lovely dress

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cocktail dress (post #31229, reply #25 of 31)

 cocktail dress very very beautiful dress you will like it when you see it first time ,come and have a look
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One world for the dress is (post #31229, reply #24 of 31)

One world for the dress is beautiful. Nice work.

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Dress is really fabulous.. (post #31229, reply #26 of 31)

Dress is really fabulous..

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What a good job, you have a (post #31229, reply #27 of 31)

What a good job, you have a right to proud of your work


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Daughter in cocktail dress (post #31229, reply #28 of 31)

There aren't enough good words to say about your talent. It's stunning & OMG!

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cute (post #31229, reply #29 of 31)


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Beautifull dress!  (post #31229, reply #30 of 31)

Beautifull dress!