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Butterfly Quilt

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Hi Everyone!

After what seems like ages, I finally finished this quilt (had to stop work for a while due to a torn rotator's hard to sew when your arm is in a sling!).  I designed and made it for a college friend who is having a baby.  I hope everyone enjoys the pictures.  I'll give some explanations (by picture number):

1: A view of the whole quilt.  The hands at the top belong to my sister, who was kind enough to hold it up on the stipulation that her face not be included in the picture!

2 and 3: Close-ups of blocks.  The butterflies were machine-appliqued and "stuffed" to create a trapunto effect.

4: A close-up of the border.  It is hard to see, but I quilted a heart design all around the border of the quilt.

5: A view of the front laid over the back (the back was done in flannel).  My sister's kitten refused to move, so I had to photograph him along with the quilt!

I hope everyone enjoys!


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congrats on your quilt love the colours.did you dye the some of the fabric like the shade of purple?well done really nice

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I bought all the fabrics that way (I was feeling lazy).  The fabric for the yellow and purple butterflies are from the Moda collection, the block backgrounds and the border are from Susan Rose/ABC Quilts (liscensed to P&M Textiles, I think) and the binding is from P&M Textiles.  I forget what manufacturer the flannel was under, and the selvage edges are long since gone!

Glad you like!


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Really nice fabric selection, cute kitten, and great workmanship! Thanks for sharing.

If you can't play a sport, be one.

If you can't play a sport, be one.
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Thank you! :-)


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With a name like "Crafty Manx", there should be a kitten somewhere. He/she is just as cute as the quilt.  The hearts are a great touch.  It looks like you did a lot of machine embroidery and it's nice and neat.  What did you use for batting?    rjf


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The problem was actually getting the kitties off the quilt while I was trying to put it through the sewing machine!!  I'd chase one off only to have the other jump up!  And then they'd go to sleep on it, and I hate to move sleeping cats, so...

The machine embroidery did take a while, but I'm absolutely horrible at doing it by hand, so it was worth it.  I used 100% cotton batting; it was packaged as "Dream Cotton" or something like that.  I used the mid-loft because I wanted it to be a little puffy and it was great to work with.

I'm so glad that you like it!