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Blue Snowman - California Style

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Here's another use of that lovely "polished cotton". This gift outfit for a 2-year-old California girl was fully lined with a reversed polka dot and machine embroidered with a row of silly snowmen. (Unfortunately those polka dots are the telltale sign of crooked embroidery!)

So I whipped up a reversible fluffy jacket and embroidered another snowman on the inside of the jacket. Not surprisingly, the little girl wanted the fluffy fabric next to her skin and her snowman and name showing. This was yet another gift that was hard to part with. This is a Vogue pattern that, I believe, is still in the books.

Lynne of Long Beach, CA


Lynne of Long Beach, CA


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Absolutely gorgeous - I am so inspired to get my embroidery machine out and to work out how to post photos myself.

Regards Pauline

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They are beautiful, you are so ambitious.