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Bag #3 done!

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Bag #3 done! (post #31114)

Just finished applique flower bag #3. It has the same lining, pockets, etc. as the red plaid bag. This will be the last of the flower bags for some time. You are probably tired of them by now but the next few will be different. Soon my gifts will be done. Hooray!


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Wow!! Thanks for all your tips and such!! I love making bags!! I just bought a new pattern when I have time I will have to sew one up for me again...

I love all your work!! Absolutely gorgeous darlin!!

Thanks for the pics and sharing

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Thanks so much Blondie! Greatly appreciated. If you need any help w/ your bag let me know.


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Beautiful!  I love making bags.  I say "vera bradley's got nothing on me!"  Who could resist such a nice bag?  Great job, thanks for the picture.