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Women's Tuxedo pattern

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Does anyone know of a current source for a women's tuxedo jacket pattern?  I would also like the shirt, cumberbund and pants but I can probably pull those together from other sources.

In lieu of a current pattern, does anyone have a discontinued one that she/he might sell?  Sizes?  8-10-12

Thank you



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I believe Vogue has one in its formal wear section, though it may not include all the accessories.  Check

Here it is: 

Oscar de la Renta and very yummy.

Somebody put a stop payment on my reality check!


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Somebody put a stop payment on my reality check!

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(post #29708, reply #2 of 2) has a great 1930's women's tux pattern. It's a classic enough design that in my opinion, it is still fashionable. Think Deitrich.



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