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Vogue Issey Miyake Patterns

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I am trying to collect old Vogue Issey Miyake Patterns (Mainly size 12). I will trade, borrow, buy or swap tracings.
At the top of my wish list are:

Please let me know if you have any of them.

Thank you

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Hi Carol,  Look at message 2406.1.  Could one of those patterns be the lavendar qiana shirt?                 rjf


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You know, that wasn't an Issey Miyake. I think it was just a regular old Butterick that happened to have extremely cool styling. That pattern is now in my collection, and I've been thinking of trying it myself...

Miyake patterns come up on eBay occasionally, and depending on the age, availability, and desirability of the design, they can fetch over $100. I know there's an informal online group somewhere (I don't have contact info, alas), of people who collect and trade Miyake patterns. I think they trace off copies and such of the out-of-print styles. There are still some really good ones in the current Vogue catalogue, including two very nice dresses this summer. I think I need to get one of them myself!


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It's a Yahoo group. I no longer have the url but you can probably find it by searching Yahoo's listings under a hobbies category or something, or by googling.

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Miyake 1563 (post #29651, reply #4 of 4)


I'm searching for 1563, the color block sundress, for my daughter's graduation.  Do you have a copy to sell/trade for/borrow?  I have 2164 and 2796, if you are interested in either of these.