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Twist Dress Pattern

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Twist Dress Pattern (post #32286)

I use to have a Vogue Pattern for the Wrap or as it is now known, the Twist dress  I would love to find this pattern again.  Does anyone know where I can find it.

 I loved that dress pattern. 



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Didn't see one in the Vogue (post #32286, reply #1 of 3)

Didn't see one in the Vogue patterns but found one by McCall's with pattern number 5484.  Would this be something like you are looking for?

Heather in Calgary

Heather in Calgary
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Could you describe the (post #32286, reply #2 of 3)

Could you describe the dress?  Where or what is the 'twist' or 'wrap'?  Is it a straight dress or flared?  A knit or a woven?

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is this the old Diane von (post #32286, reply #3 of 3)

is this the old Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress?  if so, I have one, probably a 10 or 12 (new size 4 or 6)...long sleeved, v-neckline, pointed collar, wrap and slip tie thru buttonhole to tie at waist, usually in jerseys of one type or another?  I never heard it called a 'twist dress,' does refer to the skirt shape or the dance?  They use different terms in different parts of the country so what i have may be what you want...