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Trying to figure out how to make the skirt in these pictures

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I have been looking every where for some sort of pattern and I am at a total loss! Can anyone help? I really love the look of the skirt part of the dresses pictured and would love to make a skirt like it for my wedding. Please please if someone has a tutorial or knows of a pattern I can buy or anything!  You can email me diectly! PLEASE PLEASE someone help!

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It sort of looks like hanky (post #36484, reply #1 of 3)

It sort of looks like hanky squares sewn at angles onto a backing.  Perhaps you could experiment with squares of fabric sewn on to bands, changing the attachment position (on the square) for each experimental band.  The top layer looks like they are sewn on from corners, but other layers look a little different. 

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various hemline on each tier (post #36484, reply #2 of 3)

each tier appears different from the other.  some seem longer than the lining and overlaps the next tier.  some of the upper layers have a hem that is not finished, well all of them look unfinished, but some looks like a wide scallop on the upper tiers but as you descend towards the middle, the edges seem more like batwings, and then going down toward the lower edge the hem looks more like itis straight.  i would think that each  despite their various edges and lengths are cut in a semi circular bias.

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Pretty (post #36484, reply #3 of 3)

Kind of reminds me of one of the "Steam Punk" costumes that Simplicity is featuring right now. Might want to check there first. Then I'd check the other brands. Looks like a halloween outfit (no offense!) I've seen over the past few years. I love the lace halter top on the first one. Sue