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sewing and computers

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sewing and computers (post #30141)

I am having problems with my computer and need to upgrade.  My current operating system is Windows xp, when I upgrade it will be Wondows Vista.


I"m concerned if current programs will be downloadable under Vista, particularly Pattern Master v3 and Palette v5.


I wonder if anyone could tell me the answer.  If they aren't compatible, are there patches available that would let them be down loaded to Vista.


I would love to here from anyone on this.



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Go to the sites for these programs and check the system requirements. 

If the original programs are not compatable with Vista, there should be some reference to updating for Vista.  If not, contact their customer service.



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My dh, the computer tech, has been installing Vista with Service Pack, and it has been working well for most but not all software.  However, he says that you would, as the first poster noted, have check the specs listed by each software you want to use. 

 If the software doesn't list Vista, it still might work, but you wouldn't know until you tried it.

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What ever you do don't put your pallet on until you find a vista compatable one. I did that and crashed my daughters BRAND NEW computer. It took 6 hours on the phone with a friend who repairs computers to help her recover from my blooper. I have upgraded to version 8 now and it is vista compatible.

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My dh computer tech says that PC3 is completely right; you have to make sure that Vista is running exactly right first and that the software is truly compatible, or you can cause all kinds of problems with both. 

He recommends doing an internet search to find reviews from people who have used that particular software with Vista; he says that companies will often claim that it works, but no one else can get it to do so, no matter what their computer expertise.

Unfortunately, sometimes you have no choice but to buy a new version of the software or to keep an old computer around that works with the old version. 

It is not so much "planned obsolescence," but that operating system improvements are such leaps in technology that they can't always account for all the older software programs.

If you have success, can you post on the forum so that others can benefit from your review?

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I used Patternnmaster Boutique V.3 on a computer running Windows ME.  I recently got a new computer running Vista.  The Boutique software installed without any difficulty (from the original CD) and runs perfectly.