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Reading Pillow Cover Pattern

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Does anyone know where to get a pattern for a reading pillow cover? By reading pillow I mean the pudgy one with arms...

Above is a picture of the kind of pillow that I need to make a cover for.

Thanks much!

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Do you have the pillow in front of you? You should be able to find the seams and measure it and draw out your own pattern. That would be more accurate than a pattern that might look the same but fits a slightly different pillow. You could even put a zipper in for laundering.

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you know that's just what I did, I decided that I couldn't wait for a pattern, so I took an old sheet and pinned the heck out of it like on a dress form and made my own pattern. So far so good.

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>> ... made my own pattern  ... <<

Way to go ! ! ! ! !


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Thanks Palady!

I finished it and it turned out quite nice. I think it took me more time to look for pattern options than it did to just make the pattern.

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>> ... took me more time to look for pattern options ... <<   

Inconsequetial.  MO.  Making up your rown pattern speaks much as to your effort.   You did keep your pattern.  Correct?


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