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looking for help to find a pattern

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Looking for a pattern similar to the luci bags. I would like to make a custom one for myself with different fabrics, I don't like the fabrics luci bags offers at all :/


Anything similar ya'll can think of for me to make? Really scratching my head about the inner pockets and the outer displays. 

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Searching is the best answer (post #38519, reply #1 of 2)

I think you must have embroidery on your bag it gives a stunning look. You can search on the web for latest designs for this kind of bags.

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Embroidery Patches with Pattern Design (post #38519, reply #2 of 2)


I don't have the pattern you are looking for but I got an amazing collection of embroidery stithces in my e-commerce website.

You can find patches in many different designs and patterms.

You can find floral patterns, Christmas related patches and many other desigs. They are available at affordable rates and you can order directly on the website.