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looking for Chanel Vogue Pattern V8259

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Chanel Jacket pattern by Claire Shaffer.  Would anyone be willing to permit me to borrow Vogue Pattern 8259 is size 12-14? I would pay a fee and return your pattern in its original condition within a few days. I cannot find it anywhere.  Many thanks.

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Hi there, I was trying to get (post #30196, reply #1 of 3)

Hi there,

I was trying to get this pattern is out of print.

I have contacted stores in the U.K. and have been told no longer available.

The actual Vogue website did have the smaller size listed in the out of print section for c $25.00US. Could you buy that and grade the pattern up for your size.............Just a thought.

Another pattern that would be good if you are doing a Chanel style jacket is Vogue 7975 and if you want the sleeve that is on Vogue 8259, I think you will find that sleeve features on another Claire Shaeffer Custom Couture collection...........Vogue 8087. Perhaps a combination of 7975 and 8087 in the pattern size you are seeking would do the trick for you
Best of luck.

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How ironic, I'm looking for (post #30196, reply #2 of 3)

How ironic, I'm looking for the exact same pattern in size 6-10. Any ideas? I called Vogue patterns magazine, they weren't interested in helping.

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Found a solution! I emailed (post #30196, reply #3 of 3)

Found a solution! I emailed the designer claire schaeffer directly at her published email address:
She offered to send me one. I'm guessing she must have a good stash of her own patterns. Thanks Claire!!!