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Lace over-lay for cocktail dress's picture

I have a dress pattern that I would like to make a black lace over-lay for. I have never made the pattern (New Look 6013) before and have a teal satin that I would like to use. I'm really not sure if I should make the over-lay separate or make all of the dress as one. Please help me! Thanks :)

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made it all in one piece. (post #35919, reply #1 of 6)

I think it would be classier if you made it all in one piece.  You will get a tidier look and the garment will be less finicky when you have it on.  I predict if it is sold in a boutique, a one piece garment would cost more as well.

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Does the lace have a finished (post #35919, reply #2 of 6)

Does the lace have a finished fancy scalloped edge?  If it does you will want to use that as the hem.  Then I would make the skirts separately and attach them at the waist.  If you are covering the bodice, it is generaly wiser to cut them and treat them as one fabric.

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I just looked at the pattern (post #35919, reply #3 of 6)

I just looked at the pattern - no waist seam.  You coud stil cut any fancy finished edge to end up at the hem.  With this dress I think I would treat the whole thing as one.  You have some large darts and the darts will look better if they are done together as one fabric.  Otherwise you be looking at the darted lace fabric  through the lace.

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sew in one piece but (post #35919, reply #4 of 6)

I think the retail value would increase if you sewed the dress in one piece.  it would look classier as well, . I think the garment will be equally as  beauiful if the darts were sewn in such a way to create texture to your garment when it is sewn in one piece.  if you sew the darts separately and allow the seams and the darts to create a look of boning, with the overlaping transparent fabric layers and then combine the shell with the bottom lining and connect these two separate pieces into one piece, you'd look stunning, without a lot of finik when you wear it.  If you sewed the darts in a thicker layer with the lined piece, that area won't like as flat and \i think it might look spongy. in the final stage, that dress would slip right off in one piece making you feel like the belle of the all balls!!!

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there is an example on (post #35919, reply #5 of 6)

there is an example on if you scroll down.  its a sample of an orange dress thats lace.  although this particular example has a waist line, i think that the end result is a dress that is sewn in one piece.  I got this website from a reply regarding shortening the collar piece in a pattern piece, and i think that is orange dress is a perfect example of what I hope your dress will be like if you sew it altogether as one piece.

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SO did u make the dress or (post #35919, reply #6 of 6)

SO did u make the dress or not. I would love to see how it looked. If you want some classy Cocktail Dresses you can log on to We have an amazing collection of dresses.