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Horse racing patterns (jockeys' silks)

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I am new on this forum and in need of help. My husband and I have just moved to a 204 acre horse farm in Lexington, KY. We will be racing horses and I would like to make my own jockey silks and helment covers. Does anyone have a pattern for the shirt and helment cover or know where I can obtain one? Thanks so much in advance for your help.

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Does Suitability carry any? I know they have horse accessories (hoof wrappings, saddle pads, etc.) and hunting-type clothing for people (pants, coats, etc.). I'm not a horse person, but I've seen this line of patterns in the Amazon Dry Goods catalog. I think there is a website for Suitability.

Good luck! --Kelley in Alabama (new lurker around here)

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Thanks so much for your reply, but I have checked there and they don't have what I need. Guess I'll just have to get a shirt and helment and try to copy them.

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My Mother makes horse racing silks up in Canada, and she ended up making the pattern by copying a ready made jacket.  Not really much help here.

At least you only have to make them in one size!

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Thanks for the reply. Do you think your mom would share the pattern with me? I would be glad to pay her for it. It would be easy if I could take apart the jacket I have but it belongs to someone and I have to return it.

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You might try calling some of the nicer fabric stores in town,  they may have an idea.  I also live in Lexington and I love the Quilter's Square but I sew for my girls and they are great for herlioom stuff.,  The Corner Quilt shop has always been very helpful with any questions I have had too.  the ladies who work at these stores just seem very knowledgable.  After that I would try a saddle shop,  they may have an idea on where to get those types of patterns and goodness knows there are plenty of those shops in town.

Best of luck in the horse racing world:)  I love the scenery around here,  the farms are so pretty.

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Another source for equestrian patterns is:

But they don't seem to have silks or helmet covers. Most tack shops have a helmet cover that you can buy and rip apart. I believe that the jockey club has to register your silks pattern - have you asked them where you can get a pattern to construct them from? I went to the British Horseracing museum in Newmarket, England, and they had many old famous stud racing silks, that were *really* silk. They had them in a room with really low lighting to keep the Ultraviolet light from shattering these precious old fabrics. Nowadays silks are usually made of nylon for ease of cleanup on our dirt tracks - sigh, for the old days of racing on turf.... I would also go to the backstretch of your local track and ask around, there's probably someone they will know of that makes silks

Barbara, who used to event in a jacket that was similar to silks...