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Having prob w/ yoke piece way too small for top (not lining up properly)

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Hello and thanks for reading this and offering assistance if you can. I am using Simplicity 2668 (babies) to make a little dress with a yoke top and zipper back. I am almost done but the yoke is giving me a problem. I am supposed to match it up to the top of the dress having about 3" of space between the front and back sides above/for the armholes (if that makes sense). Basically a horseshoe shape for the armhole. Well, if I line everything up and forget about the space for the armhole thus actually joining the tops of the armhole and now making a teardrop shape I can fit the yoke piece to the dress...but this is wrong. So it seems to me that the yoke is either far too small or the dress pieces are too big. I have checked and rechecked that I cut all these pieces for the same size but it's just not matching up.

The dress does look too big for the 7-13lb size it has listed but, again, it's cut for the same size as the yoke so it should fit.

What do I do? I have no idea what I'm not getting here. I guess the only thing I can do is make a custom yoke but I would need help with figuring out how to make my own pattern for that as far as what do I measure on the dress and how to get the right curve. I can post pics if needed of the patterns or the dress itself if needed.


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Matching Yoke To Dress (post #36381, reply #1 of 1)

Are you suppose to gather the dress to match up with the width of the yoke?