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Clerical shirt pattern

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I am looking for a clerical shirt pattern. Simplicity had their #7187, but it is no longer available for purchase on their site, and I can't find a copy for sale anywhere else. Does anyone know of another source for a pattern? I have two son-in-laws in ministry and would like to be able to make them shirts. Thanks.

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At this (post #32091, reply #1 of 9)

At this website

they sell a little booklet telling you how to alter the collar of a ready-to-wear shirt to turn it into a clergical model. The pamplet is about halfway down the page and is called "Altering Ready-Made Shirts To Fit A Clergy Collar."

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clergy shirt pattern (post #32091, reply #2 of 9)

Hi there:  I know the problem of finding clergy shirt patterns!  My husband is an Episcopal priest and likes colors other than BLACK.  Also we have a good friend who is a priest and he likes patterned fabric--which is perfectly acceptable in the Episcopal church as long as the pattern is tasteful!  Anyway, I have two of the Simplicity 7187--one size AA, for sizes 38,40, 42, 44, which I use for my husband's shirts--it is well worn and cut for the size 44.  I could make a copy, I think.  the other pattern is a BB, for sizes 46,48,50,52 and cut for a size 48.  Fairly simple patterns to work with.

One suggestion I have for you is to get a regular placket-front shirt (which clergy shirts are) and make the collar into a clerical, which is a pretty simple fix.  If your son-in-laws like the 'dog collar' over the more traditional tab collar, that also is an easy fix.

Hope this helps. 


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need clerical help (post #32091, reply #3 of 9)

My husband is a pastor and also likes different colors and styles other than black. He is a fan of the Roman styled collarette. I've tried taking regular dress shirts and coverting the collar to this style but am having some difficulty. The "tab" portion of the collarette collar does not sit flush against the white neck band. Any suggestions? I cannot find a pattern anywhere for the life of me! Thanks.


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Clergy Shirt (post #32091, reply #4 of 9)

Hello, I've been looking for the pattern Simplicity 7187 high and low in the largest size.  Would you be willing to sell the pattern to me? if so, please, please let me know.  Thank you, my husband is an ordained baptist minister and a large man and I need to make shirts for him. Peg-Marie

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     I'm hoping you still have the Simplicity 7187 - size BB - available... as I have decided to try sewing my own clergy shirts...the ones made now are getting real expensive. Please let me know how much for the pattern and shipping. Thank you.

Grace and peace...

Pastor Bruce

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You can find your model here (post #32091, reply #5 of 9)

You can find your model here at Just White Shirts ( Visit and check whether it is useful. They hav lots of dress shirts in their collection with diferent pattern & designs. All the sizes are available at the store and you can find one for you.

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CLERICAL SHIRT PATTERN (post #32091, reply #6 of 9)

Our priests are the spiritual advisors for Cursillo, which some of you might know about, and they love brightly colored shirts for the final celebrations.  I have bought a shirt pattern with a neck band or collar choice and borrowed a clerical shirt from a friend in order to see exactly what the clerical colar does.  I have traced a pattern from the real shirt and it has worked perfectly.  The new collar can be lengthened or shortened at the center back.  It is the same width all the way around.

Have fun, kayartist

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clerical shirt pattern (post #32091, reply #7 of 9)

Did you ever find a clerical shirt pattern?

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Clergy shirt pattern (post #32091, reply #9 of 9)


Do you still have the clerdy shirt pattern in size BB?