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Basic pattern for a polo shirt

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Hi- I would like to know where to find a pattern for a basic polo shirt with a placket.

I cant find any in the pattern books.  They dont give basic ones in the pattern books.


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Take a look at I believe they have polo-shirt patterns for women and for men.


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Kwik-Sew makes great patterns for polo shirts. The specific numbers are #2763 for men, #3059 for women, #3226 for boys, #3057 for girls. Incidentaly, I stock many colors in golf (LaCoste pique) knits as well as "Rugby" collars for these shirts. Contact me for further info.

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Men's Polo Shirt (post #29837, reply #3 of 4)

Jalie has a men's polo shirt here:

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Polo Embroidery (post #29837, reply #4 of 4)

You can get new and unique embroidery patterns for polo sirts. You can also order custom designs if you like.