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Adapting a Jacket Pattern

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I was just reading People's Beauty & Style Extra, Fall 2014 (page 51). I rarely follow Hollywood's outrageous trends, but I found a jacket in the issue that I would love to make for my daughter, who will within the next couple years be looking for a job. In the magazine it is worn by Jamie Chung. It is classy, professional-looking, but very au courant. I would love to adapt a jacket to match the jacket on the page but have no clue whatever as to how to go about it. The lapel begins to flare out very near the neck--no collar stand, I'm sure, and comes all the way down to the waist. It is quite wide at the top--reaches the shoulder seam on the sleeves. It is a longer jacket, and the sleeves are long with a small (2-3") cuff at the end. I cannot tell whether the jacket is quilted or whether it is made with, possibly, a home-dec fabric, but that's what it looks like to me. The jacket does not close in the front; it is kept closed with a belt, revealing the dress underneath the jacket, so there are no buttons or buttonholes. I am by no means an advanced sewer, but if there is a simple way to adapt a specific type of jacket to look similar to this (though if the jacket closes all the way, that would be fine, too), would someone mind sharing? It is so beautiful, and I would love to make it for my daughter. Thank you.