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Which embroidery machine is better?

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I often get question on what embroidery machine they should by. For I do embroidery designs for customers and some of them are new on this and some others want to update there machines.
I'm experienced in digitizing and designing and their stitching turned out beautiful.  I don't spend much time on machine 
embroidering and don't have much experience on embroidery machines.
From my customers' feedback most of them use brother machine saying they are easy to operate and reliable to stitch. And actually their stitching project turned out great. 
What embroidery machine do you use and do they get good stitching? Are they easy to operate?
Thanks for any advice.
GL Stitch Studio (GL Happy Embroidery Design)
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Which Embroidery Machine Is Better (post #37682, reply #1 of 3)

I agree with your customers, Brother is the easiest to learn.  I believe it was the first brand to produce a home embroidery machine.

My first was the Brother PE 150.  Bought it at WalMart on a whim.  Sewing machine dealers back then had no clue this craft was going to take off ... they were very wrong.

I learned to use my first EM by using the Internet to search for information and tutorials.  Jeanine Twigg's books were a life saver!

Then, I decided I wanted a larger stitching area.  The 150 had a limit of 4" x 4".  Called by favorite sewing machine dealer and asked about Bernina as that is where I had purchased my sewing machine.  He advised me that he had switched to BabyLock.  That is how I became a BL owner and they are one sweet brand.  Mine is a combo.  Both embroidery and sewing features are remarkable.

I would never change to any other brand; Brother or BabyLock are excellent choices.

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which embroidery machine is better (post #37682, reply #2 of 3)

home embroidery machine is certainly easy to operate.and brother machines is popular in the market. In china ,the No1 brand is Hefeng embroidery machine.

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  This butterfly embroidery (post #37682, reply #3 of 3)

  This butterfly embroidery machine is highly rated and I have used it for my commercial embroidery business for years. I really like how easy it is to use.