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What Software should I get for my Mac?

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I just bought a Bernina 830 embroidery machine with "Editor Plus Version 5 Embroidery Software which requires PC software for microsoft windows 2000lXP. I have a Mac Leopard OS, so need to install something so I can use the discs that came with the machine as well as the new software. There is Apple Bootcamp and Parallels Desktop or something called Fusion. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for me on what to do? I am not a computer whiz by anyone's measure. I need simple. Thank-you.

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I use Leopard on an iMac, Intel computer. For all my sewing software which seems to run only on Windows, I installed XP Pro. To partition the hard drive, I chose VM Fusion and so far have really been pleased -- no slow downs no problems. You will have to buy both Fusion and Windows for your Mac. Others use the "built-in" partitioning program on Leopard and there is one more like Fusion (but can't remember the name just now). I'm not sure about the new Windows 7 -- perhaps someone else has had experience with it. I have heard that Vista worked, but just ok. Good luck. You'll love how your embroidery software looks on the Mac screen; simply amazing.

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Thanks so much for the info! I really appreciate your reply. I am excited to see what happens when i do install something to run these programs for this fancy new machine.

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I am so excited to find someone else asking this question. I have had the Pfaff 2170 sewing and embroidery machine for a year now. They did not tell me I could only use a PC, until AFTER I bought it and brought it home. I just bought a laptop because of have two mac machines. Both of them have Windows Parallel. I bought a CD that I paid $150.00 for to see my embroideries on my Mac. If I had just found this answer sooner!