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Script Lettering Help

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My name is Jackie.  I am new to the forum and am excited about picking up ideas, etc.  My question is in regards to a project I am doing for my daughters.

I have a Brother Snoopy machine which I am just learning to use.  Since I bought it used, I'm reading a lot and asking a lot questions.  I made the baptism gown for my girls from fabric I had left over from my wedding dress.  Now that both of them have been baptised, I would like to embroider their names and the date of their baptism on the gown and have it preserved.  My problem is that I would like to use the script font that is on the machine and use the smallest letter.  But, I am not getting a great result.  I've tried different stabilizers (both top and bottom) but it just doesn't 'pop.'

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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what about embroidery the information on a piece of silk or satin ribbon 1 inch wide and sew that ribbon into the gowns. you could keep trying till you get it perfect with no danger of hurting their gowns. you could even add a small ribbon rose or seed pearls to the ribbon to snazz it up.

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Thanks!  That's a great idea that I hadn't considered.  I've actually even thought I might do it by hand.  Either way, a ribbon embellishment would be a great idea!  Jackie