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memory stick for Designer 1

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Does anyone know why my Designer 1 will not read a memory stick other than the one it came with?  I have formatted the non Husqvarna stick and when I put it in my computer all the disigns are there but my sewing machine will not read this stick.  It of course reads the Husqvarna stick just fine. I think its kinda lousy to have to use just their brand of memory stick.  Anyone know how I can get the other stick to work?

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The sewing machine companies do that on purpose.  When I got my new 4D software, the gal told me it is a good idea to call my  homeowners insurance and add the special dongle to it as if it is lost, you have to pay the same price as for the original software. 

 It is nice to have the memory stick though, I used it while on vacation to show the embroidery designs to relatives so they could show me what they liked.  I also like being able to use it on the laptop so I don't have to use up so much memory saving all those designs to the hard drive. 

It's frustrating, but that's how they keep us from "pirating" their software.  Mary